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Formulate® tension fabric funnels transform any environment through form, fabric and lighting. Funnels are available in 20ft, 16ft and 12ft heights and have 8ft diameters at the top, with a narrow 3.5ft diameter at the base.

Featuring a heavy-duty wooden base and sturdy truss interior, funnels create a dynamic, towering structures that commands attention. Accent LED display lighting can be incorporated to add glow within any funnel for added impact.

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Formulate Funnel 01 Tension Fabric Structure

The 20ft Formulate® Fabric Funnel 01 can transform any environment through form, fabric and lighting. Formulate Funnel 01 measures 20ft tall, and features a heavy-duty wooden base and silver powder coated truss interior to create a dynamic, towering structure that commands attention. Fabric graphics feature a zipper at the top and a silicone e...

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