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Rental Fabric Light Boxes

If you're looking to attract attention with illuminated fabric backwalls, Vector Frameā„¢ Light Boxes are an easy and captivating solution. Vector Frame Light Boxes provide a custom look in a simple package. Rented light boxes are perfect for temporary use in tradeshows and events. Speed is a benefit to renting. Structure frameworks are pre-built so the only time investment is in the design and printing of your graphics! Vector Frame Light Boxes feature sleek aluminum extrusion frames and pre-attached interior LED edge lighting for a contemporary look. Single and double sided INTENSITY push-fit graphic options are available for purchase only.

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Vector Frame Light Box Square 04 Fabric Banner Display

Vector Frame™ fabric light box Square 04 features durable 100mm aluminum extrusion frames, push-fit backlit fabric graphics and LED edge lighting, and measures 95.35"W x 94.74"H . Single and double-sided graphic options are available. LED lights come adhered to the frame, making set-up as simple as assembling the frame, applying the push-fit...

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